Accompany Surgical (Pvt) Ltd.

One Place to find an instrument of your choice.


All sort of surgical & dental scissors are available at Accompany Surgical. You can choose from standard, scissors with Tc inserts, Super Cut scissors or highly precise micro scissors.

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A comprehensive range of quality forceps are available. you can find either standard forceps, forceps with Tc inserts, heomostatic, cardiovascular or micro forceps with and without Tc inserts.

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Accompany surgical has a wide variety of Dental Scalars with solid and hallow handle. These Dental Scalars are precisely crafted to perfectly work in the hands of Dental Surgeons.

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Needle Holders

A large range of all kind of needle holders are offered by Accompany Surgical. Ask for your required one or choose from our catalogue.

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Retractors for General surgery, Gynecology, Plastic or facial surgery, Knee surgery, Shoulder or Hip surgery are all manufactured at Accompany Surgical with keen care.

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Extracting Forceps

Along with all the Dental instruments, Extracting forceps of all popular type are being offered by Accompany Surgical like English, American or Anatomical pattern Extracting forceps without and with different knurling designs.

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